Welcome to Shift.

Founded by Metal, Shift Liverpool is a new sustainability network for cultural organisations in the Liverpool City Region.

The science of climate change tells us that over the next 10 years urgent changes are needed in order to save the planet from being pushed on to an irreversible path of extreme warming and mass extinctions. In the future we can also expect greater pressure on cultural organisations, from local government and funders, to provide clear plans to becoming carbon neutral.

The Shift Liverpool network will bring us together to collaboratively respond to these challenges with the aims of:

• Driving down our organisations’ carbon footprint

• Moving away from environmentally damaging ways of working

• Collectively promoting carbon reduction and offsetting

Organisations in the cultural sector are invited to sign the pledge and join Shift Liverpool.

Image: Future Yard, Robin Clewley

Contact Us

If you are part of a cultural organisation and would like more information about Shift, how to join or would like to discuss anything about sustainability in culture we’d love to hear from you.

Email us at hello@shiftliverpool.com

Shift Liverpool: Sustainability in Culture

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