The Shift Pledge

My organisation promises to:

  • Use the network to help develop knowledge and practices to help it reach carbon neutrality;
  • Become a more environmentally sustainable and regenerative organisation;
  • Allocate a member of staff (the undersigned) to represent my organisation within the Shift Liverpool network;
  • Provide the organisation’s representative with work time to:
    • attend the Shift meetings
    • reflect on the knowledge gained
    • make internal recommendations for my organisation;
  • Take the recommendations from the representative on board and follow up with appropriate action;
  • Mutually support the organisations in the network, collectively sharing knowledge and resources;
  • Promote carbon reduction and carbon offsetting in tandem with the other Shift organisations.

If you would like to have your organisation considered to join Shift’s steering group, please notify below. The steering group will meet monthly to discuss and implement the strategic direction of the network, as well as contributions to creating public resources, maintaining communications, and leading events.
We would also like to make public the organisations who have signed the pledge and are supporting the network. Please notify below whether you are happy for your organisation to be named on the forthcoming Shift website.

Please look out for a confirmation email in your inbox. If you have submitted the pledge but have not received an email to confirm please contact